Competition and Monopolies Law

This is also known as Anti-Trust Law in some jurisdictions.
Competition and Monopolies law seeks to promote fair trade and competition while preventing cartels from dominating a certain area of trade.

Commercial and Corporate Law

Our Firm has a wealth of experience both locally and internationally, dealing with all contentious and non-contentious aspects of corporate commercial law.


Conveyancing entails tackling any property related transaction. This requires experienced legal counsel with a strong industry understanding and specialized knowledge.


As the world expands more and more into a global village, many corporations are expanding their geographical reach. As a result, we have several expatriates working in the country.

Bank Securities 

In a growing economy like Kenya’s, debt is an important source of financing. Banks need to ensure that their lending is secure through proper security documentation and cross-border financing.

Intellectual Property

As more and more people recognize the value of such intangible things as their thoughts, ideas and innovations..

Labour Law

Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset. The issues surrounding their needs and the rights….

Litigation and Arbitration

Our Firm has a cutting edge litigation practice where we seek redress on behalf of clients as well as offer a defence as necessary.

Private Equity

Businesses are becoming more innovative in sourcing their financing and we have seen Private Equity coming up as a source of finance for various organisations.

Public Procurement

Certain organisations are bound by public procurement laws and must follow the rules and regulations set to select suppliers.