As more and more people recognize the value of such intangible things as their thoughts, ideas and innovations, it has become more important to protect the intellectual property rights in them.
Intellectual Property is one such division of intangible assets.

Depending on what exactly you may wish to protect and where on the map you would like this protection to apply, we will be able to provide you with sound legal advice.
At KMW, we deal with:

  • Registrations, assignments and renewal of trademarks in Kenya
  • Co-ordinating registrations, assignments and renewal of trademarks outside Kenya
  • Registered User Agreements for Trademarks
  • Registration of patents under the African Regional Industrial Property Organisation (ARIPO) protocol
  • Registration of industrial designs
  • Payment of annual maintenance fees on behalf of clients
  • Liaising with the Kenya Industrial Property Office to facilitate speedy processing of clients’ applications
  • Advising on copyright and plant breeders’ rights including applications for grant of such rights and liaising with the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS)
  • Advising on appropriate policies, legal framework and novel laws and tactics to counter piracy and counterfeiting
  • Drafting appropriate legislations
  • Intellectual Property Litigation